Contaminated Land Health Management Services: Why This Should Matter

Contaminated land health management is definitely your best option to decontaminating sites and confining hazardous waste spillage. Doing it all on your own or perhaps even assigning your own janitorial services to do the job will only result in serious damages, health problems, and legal liabilities.

Avoid any negative repercussions and call your local occupational health specialists like those from Resile to handle the problem instead.

Managing Contamination…

Contamination from chemicals and hazardous wastes can happen anytime and anywhere. Especially if you are running a chemical-intensive farming business or a manufacturing plant with heavy duty machines, it is more likely that such will happen.

On the other hand, residential areas albeit having no heavy chemical storage may still require mediation when contamination happens. Therefore, contaminated land health management is needed regardless of whether you are in an industrial, commercial, or residential zone.

As long as chemicals present pose potential dangers to people’s health. Managing the situation will greatly reduce the risk of contracting debilitating illnesses and allergies. Check it out at Resile

What Else Can Occupational Health Specialists Do?

There are various tasks occupational health experts can do to ensure that you and your employees are safe and protected from any dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste. The ones mentioned below are some of those.

  • First of all, they guarantee that you meet all statutory obligations required by your Australian state or territory. To simply put, all sites containing hazardous substances should be considered contaminated and therefore should be subjected to remediation. Not only will this ensure that your employees are safe, this will also safeguard the general public from any potential threat. Moreover, keeping environmental requirements enforced will keep your land and your business in the land registry signifying that you are compliant with the requisites for lawful operation.
  • Secondly, they get to keep your employees in check for any potential health risk. Normally, employment health assessment is compulsory for all who work with chemicals. This is to ensure that any illnesses that may arise for contamination will immediately be mitigated. Routine check-ups are usually performed through an intermediary clinic. Meanwhile, on-site health assessment is done whenever a worker requires immediate attention from a trained health personnel. Its purpose is to directly assess, identify, and address any critical health problems that may arise during work.
  • Thirdly, they help reduce any financial or reputational dangers that may arise because of site contamination. Since you have medical professionals take care of your employees. This will potentially decrease sickliness, thereby increasing performance and attendance. Furthermore, you also get to avoid litigation and controversy.
  • Lastly, they ensure that liabilities are minimised. Occupational health specialists through their medical review services will guarantee that all documentation and billing are error-free and audited accurately. Consequently, this minimises any legal responsibilities since your company is compliant with state laws.

Included in the contaminated land health management programme are health check services such as internal health promotion and management. Likewise, every health assessment and medical consultation are performed by qualified medical professionals only and under a secure space. Therefore, giving your employees the assurance that findings and records are kept confidential, making them motivated to share personal information. For more details, visit us at