How You can Enhance the Appetite of an Elder

Many elderly people complain about constant loss of appetite. As one ages, the sense of smell and taste declines. This greatly contributes to loss of appetite. Although losing appetite is normal during the aging process, extreme loss of appetite may have serious consequences on the health of the elder. Losing appetite can lead to malnutrition. Again, elders may lose appetite due to some severe underlying health conditions, which their aged home care providers are not aware about.

It is the duty of aged home care providers to find means and ways to stimulate elderly people’s appetite. The care givers should not overlook extreme appetite loss in elderly people. Apart from illness, loss of appetite may be an indication that the person is suffering from depression, sadness, anxiety, grief and other conditions.  Below are ways in which you can stimulate the appetite of your seniors.

Find out the possible cause

As an aged home care provider, it is your duty to find out the possible cause of loss of appetite. As mentioned earlier, elders may lose appetite due to some health complications or due to some emotional turmoil. If the elder has no health problem, you should find out if there are factors that may be causing the elder much distress, leading to loss of appetite. After the elder manages to overcome the emotions that may be causing her or him emotional anguish, the appetite level will rise to normal.

Serve small meals

Just like kids, old people lose their appetite in case they snack between meals. Providers of aged care Queensland has now advise that the elderly people take small, balanced food at regular interval, rather than waiting until they are hungry to eat. You can stimulate the appetite of elders by serving small meals and adhering to a schedule.

Offer favorite food

Most elders have food that they love eating most. A care giver should get to know the food that the elders like and how they like it prepared. Cooking the elders their favorite meals can greatly enhance their appetite.

Make meal time a social event

Human beings are social beings. Eating in a group can greatly help enhance the appetite of the elders. Whenever possible, set a table and have all the family members eat food together. Ensure that the elders do not experience loneliness, particularly during meal times. Managers of aged care facilities Brisbane has today will ensure that elders have enough time to socialize and take meals together, to avoid being lonely. Arcare


Making meals appetizing is particularly important for elders who are likely to lose their appetite due to many different reasons. Food may at times appear less appealing for elders who have been ill, have trouble eating, have dental problems, and are under medication. However, whether you prepare food at home, or in aged care facilities, you can make the food appetizing by: Making mealtimes special by improving the room’s ambiance. You can include special dishes and table linens, relaxing music and soft lighting.  You may also increase texture and color to make the dishes appear more appealing and increase mineral and vitamins, and add ginger or garlic, fresh herbs and citrus juice. Also, you should serve cold food cold enough and hot food hot enough.