Top 5 Brother printing problems — and how to fix them

Providers of Brother printer repairs are on standby to fix whatever problem you encounter with your device. But what if the machine conks out outside of business hours?


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Imagine this: You pull an all-nighter to finish that paper or report just before the deadline, and just when you had finished and decided to print it, the printer refuses to do its job.

Sure, you can grab that printer and toss it out the window, but where would that take you? You easily end up with another problem.

Because repair centres are still closed, there are some quick fixes you can try.

We understand the frustration one can get from a defective printer — that’s why we’ve decided that, in today’s blog, we’ve listed the five common Brother printing problems that most people face and the steps on how to fix them. Let’s begin.

1) The replace toner sign does not go away.

Recently replaced the toner? All you have to do is reset the system.

What to do: Press the clear/back button on the control panel while opening the cover at the same time. The reset menu is displayed.

2) The printer defaults to fax instead of print.

Don’t panic when this happens to your Brother printer every time you attempt to print something. Aliens aren’t taking over (at least, not yet).

What to do: Right-click the printer icon in the control panel menu, and then select Make it default.

3) The printer won’t print anything in black and white.

Either your printer refuses to see things in black and white, or it’s just aching for more colour in its life. Get it?

What to do: Ensure that the colour ink cartridge is full.

4) The printer only prints one document.

It’s not trying to tell you to save up on your ink. All you have to do is change the settings.

What to do:

  • Go to your control panel and select Printers.
  • Right-click the printer icon for your machine and select properties.
  • Under the Advanced tab, you will find a checkbox that says Enable advanced printing features. Disable, and then select OK.

5) The printer does not print the logo and text at the same time.

Some Brother printers do not print a bitmap logo along with normal text; it’s either one or the other. Fortunately, there are two workarounds:

  • Use the Anchor “As Character” setting for the images.
  • Export to PDF, and print from the PDF document.

If none of these tips worked, it’s not the end. Find a shop that provides Brother printer repairs services.

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